FeniQX Technologies is the applied technology division of FeniQX Srl. Based on our experience with electronics, machine tool design and manufacturing, CAD/CAM software, 3D printing, systems engineering and materials research, the division provides innovative solutions across a broad range of sectors. Wherever a solution is required to hitherto impenetrable areas FeniQX Technologies is available to apply its considerable experience and understanding in bringing together a range of products and resources to break the barriers in industrial processes.

FeniQX Technologies is rapidly becoming a leader in digital dentistry and CAD/CAM in general by encompassing scanning, dental CAD design and 3D printing through the integrated use of advanced 3D scanners, leading dental CAD systems and the advanced MoonRay 3D printer platform. Aside from it’s work in the dental arena the Technology division has devised laser marking solutions for aluminium parts and even provides highly accurate machine tools for special applications.

Proud of its Italian Design and Made in Italy heritage today’s FeniQX Technologies now collaborates across borders in both Europe and Asia to bring cutting edge advances in many fields. High speed machining, laser cutting, 3D printing and high resolution scanners are just some of the areas where FeniQX Technologies research and developments has gone into production.

It supplies its own company FeniQX Srl and other dental sector companies with a range of advanced solutions for both orthodontic laboratories and dental centres or studios.